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Wanted: Focal 10K617 or 10K6411

If you have, or know of any of these woofers for sale, please get in touch. I need at least one of 10K617, or two 10K6411. If you have only one 6411, or two 617 and do not want to split the pair, I'm still interested.

In short: Do you have any of these woofers for sale (1 or 2), please let me know.

I will of course pay the postage to Norway, from anywhere in the world. Of course I must say no thanks, if the postage is astronomic..!:eek:

We'll agree on the price for the woofer(s). :)


2011-06-09 5:24 pm
Hi havar,
if you still want these speakers - I have 4 of them, 3 of them with the same serial number.
They are in very good condition with only very thin remains of the adhesive bonding compound. But: I painted the ugly yellow cones with a very thin coating of dark grey/anthracite lacquer (mostly you can still see the structure of the cones).
I intend to sell the speakers via eBay - that's expensive for me, but rather safe for the buyer as well as the seller.
So if you still want these speakers, leave me a message and do it quick - we surely can make an arrangement!