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Wanted Dynaco Stereo 70

Given the prices ST70's are bringing over on the 'bay, you might consider just buying new trannies. I've seen a bunch of reviews of this guys (Uncle Ned's) ST35 clones, and I have no reason to believe the ST70 versions wouldn't be as good. Scroll down. Ah, for the days when you could buy at ST70 for under $100 on ebay. I hear years ago you could easily find them for nothing at yard sales and the like. Alas, it was before my time when hundreds of thousands of Dynaco owners sent their units to the dump.



Thanks for the reply.

To be honest if I am going to spend the money for a new pair of cloned transformers I will just purchase some Hammond and build something with KT88's or 6550's.

I kinda wanted a reasonably priced unit working or non-working that I could put a new driver board using octal tubes instead of 12AT7's, 7199's or something along that line.