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Wanted: Dead JBL 2240, 2245 or E155 18" woofer frame

Looking for a JBL 2240, 2245 or E155 18" woofer frame/magnet assembly. Does not matter if it works or not, as we will be reconing it to match an existing unit.

In fact, it does not matter if the magnet is shifted- I can repair that, as long as the magnet itself is not cracked or broken.

Reasonable close proximity to the southeastern United States preferred- as these are a bit too heavy and bulky to ship cheaply...


I just got a JBL 1800 GTI. There is no VC rub but the cone is not centered on the magnet. It has dropped "in" towards the magnet. I think it will recone as 2241. The frame looks identical. The best part was the 35$ price. It was considered old by the car audio seller from Craigslist.:)