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Wanted: Chassis with heatsinks for 100w/ch Solid State amp build. Ship to usa, 95521

Hoping to find an old stripped chassis with heatsinks - like an Adcom, B&K, Hafler or any other brand. I know people here may want to keep them if they have them, but if I don't ask...
Can be scratched, dented, etc. Will reuse for an Ampslab LM60, 60 watt+/ch stereo amp build.
Less than $100, even some funky one for much less.
Have found nice new ones that will work for that wattage for $100-150. But I don't need it to be in great condition as can straighten and paint.
Open to tips on ebay etc buys (have searched there and am continuing too.)

Also - just heatsinks would work as I have some perforated metal sheet (like Dynacos) and could build a frame and use it for case, incorporating heatsinks.

Thanks, Don