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WANTED atc & volt drivers or wilmslow k100 or prestige kits


2013-04-13 2:31 am
Hi everyone

I'm new here and have been really enjoying taking it all in and learning.

I'm now really keen to build either ATC SCM100, SCM200 etc or PMC MB2 or one of the many variations. I'll make my decision based on what components I can get hold of. I'm looking for used bits as I cannot afford new, I'm happy to buy ready made speakers like one of the wilmslow kits for the components if needed, it all depends on price

So I need 2 or 4 matching 12" subs either atc or volt, 2x 3" dome midranges, atc preferred but volt considered, also the correct tweeters and crossovers. I was planning to build passive but active plate amps would be nice if anyone has a pair to suit what I need to build

I'm in the UK but happy to pay international shipping if the price is fair

Please pm me if you have anything you think may be of interest,

many thanks