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WANTED: AD 0211/SQ4 ; AD 0163/T8 for philips MFB vintage


2008-02-17 10:20 pm
Hi All, im desperately seeking the following:

Philips AD 0211/SQ4 2" dome midrange driver
Philips AD 0163/T8 tweeter

im looking for 2 x tweeters, and 2 x midranges.

These are for restoring my lovely speakers that i happen to have,

these are very rare vintage studio monitors.

anyone, please email me at
[email protected]

i'm registered with paypal.



2007-06-12 12:21 am
I have a little question,

I have three tweeters AD161-T8, one is in perfect condition and the other two are broken and i want to repair them, but i don't know wich dome is better, i have three options,

an Aluminium dome

a paper dome, similar to the dome of a Leea HFD-40, this is the best tweeter made in argentina in the 70's and 80's

an the original dome, but i don't know wich would be better, cause i don't like the sound of the original dome, it's too brillant.i tkink it a phenolic dome.

sorry about my bad english


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