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Wanted- 3" Full Range Drivers (2)

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Wanted: a pair of matching 3" full range drivers (preferably Tang Bands, Mark Audio, Tymphany, Fostex, in that order...)

For exchange of (choose one):

original music composition for you a special occasion instrumental work (e.g. wedding, divorce, death, birthday, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, confirmation, handfasting, graduation, freed from prison, overcame illness, woke up in the morning...)

a haiku on a topic of your choosing

a music video of John Cage's 4'33" with pure blank background

a sound recording of 4'33" in FLAC 24/96 as performed by anyone you wish it to be

an English lesson over Skype

original Cliff-notes (mine own spiel) on the core meaning of society's obsession with the Kardashians

Not open for further replies.