wanted :100W Aleph X (kari's board) bom/parts list

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Hi there

I would be interested in a parts list or bom for a 100w aleph X . I have a set of Kari's boards (excellent boards I must add) . I just thought someone might have done some of the hard work already, then I can spend more time making a chassis :) Thanks in advance....
Assears, I thought the parts on the board are for Greys original Aleph X which is 45w or somthing close , not 100W...?
If you have Kari's boards, I think they are meant for something like 70 watt's. Grey's original used 4 fet's per channel. Kari's (KK's) uses 8. I think to get 100 watt's you are looking at 12 fet's per channel! You need the outputboards of Kari's or to hardwire them, as I did.


BTW. these four heatsinks is for one channel:cool:


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Assesears, have you built yours yet ?

No not yet, I built a krell ksa50 klone can't find the pic here though, and it turned out could not get more than 100W dissipation out of them the sink temp was too high for long time reliability. Just finished a mini aleph last week and it sounds magical, real happy with it. Need some money to buy some huge sinks for the 'X' because these alephs are well worth it.

Here is the list I've been using to plan my amps. Its an excell spreadsheet that includes William's power/heatsinking calculations, William's 100w parts list, and Greys original parst list for 37w. These are materials that have all appeared here before, but I've put them into a single file, and made small updates as the project has progressed.

All of the part numbers and corresponding prices are included.


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The Karu Aleph X boards are 100 watt versions and the schematic is based on the 100 watt Aleph X found on Kristijan's web site.


If you look back at the origional Kari Aleph X Wiki ( http://www.diyaudio.com/wiki/index.php?page=AX ) he admits it is based on Kristijan's schematic.

Cut from the wiki:

The layout is based on KK's schematics and they can be found here:
Pictures of the layout can be found here:

Thanks for the reply. i bought Kari's boards just in the nick of time and hadnt followed the thread. They have all the component values on them which is nice too. Do you have any comments on my heatsinks ? I dont have any ratings for them as I picked them up cheap from a salvage plant.

The list states that r1-r3 on the utput board is 0.39 but the part lists in RS as 39R . Which is correct ? Do you have the original parts list as the boards dont show the values of thoses resistors. Also the r4-r6 on the boards are 208 and you have selected 221 is that just the best match ?

From what i heard KK's recommending 0,11K/W sinks per channel. I'm about to complete mine as we speak, i have some metal work left to do (copper plates for the caps). I'm going to use a 800VA 2*15V trafo for mine as i need more power to 4 ohms than 8. At this point i'm going to use 8 fets per/chan and if more power is needed i can easily add 4 more per/chan, needs a adjustment on the ccs tho. Power supply will be a CC-R-CC (89000uF + 89000uF + 0.47ohm + 89000uF + 89000uF) per side so double that for +/-.

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