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Want to trade: Onkyo M-506RS/ P-304 combo

I want to trade my powerhouse Onkyo Integra setup for any of the following. I'd also sell the duo for $550 plus shipping. Most of the lights are out on the M-506RS but it sounds and works good. I'd be interested in trading for:

Older VTL tube power amplifier
Older Conrad Johnson tube power amplifier
Rogue Audio 66 preamplifier
McIntosh 40 mono amplifier
Precision Fidelity C-7/A preamplifier
Precision Fidelity M-7/A power amplifier
Bottlehead Paramount/ Paramour mono amps
Audio Research tube power amplifier
Quad II amps
Firestone Audio PP monos
Dynaco Mk 4 monos

PM if you have something above and want the Onkyos. I can probably make it happen even if I have to add some cash. The top tuner is not included and has been already sold. :^)


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