Want to get really good at audio repair?

I would highly recommend anyone with novice to intermediate repair skills to get Perry Babin’s repair tutorial. I’ve been doing car audio repairs for a few years now, but not having any formal training, I was pretty good at simple repairs, but nothing really deeper than blown outputs or bad switches.
I recently got an updated version of Mr. Babin’s tutorial and started to seriously study it. I had 2 amps (a JL Audio E6450 and a Power Acoustik TS1920 Plasma Sphere) that had been sitting for over a year with bad power supplies that I could not figure out. Within 2 hours of studying the power supply section in the tutorial, I fully understood how the P/S works, and how to test the driver IC. The very next day, I got into both amps, and found the problems on both amps within 30 minutes. Ordered the parts, got them today, and happy to report that BOTH amps are now working. If you are SERIOUS about learning how to fix amps, don’t hesitate to get his tutorial. He has a free website that will give you plenty of info and a basic amp repair tutorial. https://www.bcae1.com/
Check it out!
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