Want to find 2SA1141 / 2SC2681 or equivalent for Electrocompaniet AW100


These are the Electrocompaniet AW100 output transistors I need to replace. As they are now impossible to find, what can I use to replace them.
Little diode seems to have some but pictures are not the same as the NECs I have. In the past, I always had good things from this place. It was costly but always worked.
Any other suggestions ?
There are many re-makes of those from Chinese fabs under different brand names, mostly in TO3P and not the original package NEC used.

I had fake HV transistors from Little Diode before.
Reported to them and sent them back all at my cost.
Did not get a refund until I threatened to report to eBay.
So I don't buy from them any more.

There seems to be some offers on eBay for those parts.
Maybe risk one pair first before buying more.

Haven't use this vendor before.

Good luck
Wow. That leaves me with a lot of choices. I will compare them and the size must preferably be TO-247.
I look at the eBay USA vendor for genuine parts and I think they're safe but the price is quite salted as I also have an AW2 to refurbish
Both amps have a good channel so I'm not tempted to use different parts for the bad channel.
One thing to consider is newer parts gives more chance to get matched transistors as they are probably from the same batch. eBay vendor ???

Approx. ten years ago, I've encounter the same problem with my amplifier (Ampliwire IIA, same design) and I've contacted Electrocompaniet directly.
I had speaking with a guy named Volker (very nice guy) at the technical department and asked to him what could be the best transistror replacement fot the 2SA1141 - 2SC2681 and he recommended using the Toshiba 2SA1943 - 2SC5200 as direct replacement, with in prime, a better sound. Hope that info should help.
BTW, if you are interested to improved the sound of your amplifier, I can recommend you some improvements for your amplifier. Just contact me by email.