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Want to buy: DIY tube amp-under $300

I have a Bogen AC-220 integrated amp that I don't think I'll ever use. It has a bunch of 6BM8s and some 12AX7s. It is undoubtedly in your price range, even with shipping!

Not interested in this one but thanks for the offer. I'm more after diy stuff adapted on a custom chassis of some sort. Trying to stay away from dinky output transformers that lack bottom end frequency response. I like ugly looking or unfinished projects that work and sound OK if that makes sense. LOL. That keeps me in my price bracket anyway I hope.
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I have one of these beauties:

It has the iron appropriate to be converted to 6B4Gs (3x6.3V windings and 3K output iron meant to run about 60mA of current).