Want to build an enclosure for Pioneer TS-E2090


2012-07-04 10:57 pm
Some time ago I measured TS parameters for these 3-way speakers (woofer is 8 inch)
Here they are:
Thiele-Small parameters:

Fs = 60.32 Hz
Re = 3.80 ohms[dc]
Le = 1110.11 uH
L2 = 15544.16 uH
R2 = 15.30 ohms
Qt = 0.19
Qes = 0.20
Qms = 5.72
Mms = 31.15 grams
Rms = 2.062644 kg/s
Cms = 0.000224 m/N
Vas = 30.98 liters
Sd= 314.16 cm^2
Bl = 15.094156 Tm
ETA = 3.32 %
Lp(2.83V/1m) = 100.55 dB

Added Mass Method:
Added mass = 9.80 grams
Diameter= 20.00 cm

1) I'm very new to this, so firstly I'd like to know if these parameters are realistic at all. This is first time I measure them, so I might have done something wrong...

2) What enclosure would work the best for these drivers, ported/sealed?
Looking to get bass from ~40Hz and up (even lower if possible).
Speakers will be used in estate car (box in a trunk, don't think proper free-air is possible here).

3) I tried JBL speakershop (and other calculators) and every one of them suggested using very small volume for both ported/sealed enclosures, like 2-6 liters, so I think I might have measured something wrong.

4) Since I have 2 of these speakers, would it work better if they both had separate box or both use the same enclosure?

5) If this changes anything, official frequency response is 25Hz-32kHz and the woofer moves a lot at low frequencies like 30Hz so is this a sign that it actually can get as low as officially stated?

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2012-07-04 10:57 pm
What do you mean, suspended in free air? the driver was just sitting on the ground with no enclosure or anything.

The woofer wasn't disconnected from crossover if you mean the built-in passive one, I guess i have to find a way to do that without breaking the driver?

With an Fs of 60Hz, you aren't likely to get much low bass
Yeah I believe, not as much as real sub, but i was surprised how well it worked in a car with ~14l enclosure, but I think it could work even better if I actually calculated the box correctly as the 14l one was pretty much 'random'.