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Want someone to build my Buffalo III (UK)


2008-02-07 7:21 pm

I have a Buffalo III kit here that I've been trying to get built for nearly 2 years now and it is clear that I will simply not have the time to get it finished for probably the next 2 years.

The goal is an 8 channel USB to single ended analogue out DAC. I only need USB input..

To achieve this I have a miniDSP USBStreamer for 8 channels of USB -> I2S:


That will feed the Buffalo III:


Which is powered by a Placid HD:


And feeds 4 IVYs:


Which are powered by a Placid HD BP:


The Placids are fed by a couple of appropriate toroids:


It's all mounted in a modushop chassis with a custom machined front panel and some 50mm round feet:


There's a small red power LED and a momentary push button switch to turn it on and off. Because it's a momentary button I have a latching relay so it can behave like a latching switch:


You can also see the volume knob in that picture which is to be mounted to the volume pot on the BIII on the right hand side of the front panel.

The layout I had in mind looks like this:


So its nearly there, I just need someone to push it over the finish line. Is there a DIYer out there who would be willing to complete the assembly for me and if so, how much would you want to be paid?
I know its an odd request, but I really want to get this DAC into my listening setup and I just know it's not going to happen any time soon if I have to do it.

PM me if interested.

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Are all the holes to mount boards and toroids all ready drilled or does that need to be done. Does it have all parts and wiring? Standoffs for boards? It looks like all the components that go through the front, back panel are already mounted? If I'm understanding everything as it looks I would do it for $300.