Wandering phase plugs? helpful hint.


2007-03-18 9:22 am
My planet10 phase plugs sometimes drift off to the side when I listen for a long time at very high volume.

To stop this I put some blue dots on them. No, this is not some wacky audiophool voodoo. Blue dots are small, thin dots of non-hardening adhesive goop for sticking photographs into albums. Sort of like post-it note adhesive. A couple of those on the back of the phase plug, roll up the phase plug in a strip of paper to ensure it is centered and push it into place. remove the paper and crank it up.

Don't put the dots too close to the outer edge, they might extrude over time.
Hi Mike,
My plugs don't move and I am using a woofer with plate amp in it's own chamber in the same box so I am guessing one of two things is happening to yours. Either the box to floor coupling is allowing for the vibration to loosen it's grip or the screws used to secure it to the pole are too far driven thus having less magnetic grip or not driven far enough allowing for the plug to skate on the pole piece. Glad that your solution worked though.