walmart surrond sound

I recently purchased a walmart surround soud system. Yesterday it crapped out, smelt like burn electronics and blew the fuse. I would think that would be a better idea to start with but it only runs 30 watt on the sub and three to five watts on each of the other 5 channels. First off I need to find out how it died with probably has something to do with me hooking up my 10 inch Coustic 800 watt instead of the 5 inch that was there. any ideas on what to test and how to test it would be helpful.

First of all this should probably be in the solid state thread so if a moderator moves this I certainly understand..

I have one of these 35.00 units in my bedroom and overall its worth the 35.00 price tag. Certainly better than the tiny speakers in my Samsung 20" flat panel HDTV. Its not even Dolby Pro Logic or a cheap pseudo decoder either but for off air is adaquate. These use one I.C. amplifier chip per channel as best as I can tell. Not sure what the sub is uising though, perhaps two of them bridged. Check the I.C amps for shorts and also for burnt up resistors near the one that has failed, probably the sub section in your case. Also check the rectifiers while you're at it. When you locate the blown amp I.C. pull it out and see if the unit will then fire up(hopefully not literally). Replace those bad parts and you should be home free. Also contain yourself to using the woofer it came with and don't expect the world from it. Its just a cheap piece of Chineese junk after all.....