Walmart and usps tracking numbers not matching

About a year ago I ordered a laptop keyboard from Walmart (shipping from Hong Kong), estimated delivery two weeks.
I received the part in 2 days, the USPS tracking number arrived on day three and did not match the package that I received,
After a week I noticed that my tracking number was delivered in Ohio ( I live in Florida ). I asked Walmart why is my package delivered in Ohio? They said that my package had already been delivered and sent me a picture of the package at my doorstep.
Part 2.
In May of this year I ordered another part from Walmart, shipping from Hong Kong, estimated 2 weeks delivery. The part arrived in 2 days and the tracking number on day 3. Tracking number did not match package.
I month after delivery date that was promised by Walmart USPS still does not have the package.
I contact Walmart and they say that the package is lost and refund my money.