Wadia 6 DAC connections problem

I have a wadia 6 without analog output. I check the DAC board and this happens!
I don't know why these cables are not connected (JP5 and JP6 connector). I need help to know where to connect them. Thank you!

That's the dash input according to the manual, but it doesn't indicate which area of the P-500 transport they should connect to.

look for images on google and youtube videos of wadia 6 and get to see that they are connected, but do not see where.
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That is the entrance of the board according to the manual, but does not indicate to which P-500 transport area they must connect.
Look for images on Google and Wadia 6 YouTube videos and get to see that they are connected, but do not see where.
This image is from Google

English please

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I imagined that at first, that clock signal is missing and the manual does not specify where it gets that clock signal from. unfortunately the version of the manual I got does not have a wiring diagram... :(

I am looking for someone from the community who has disassembled this machine and knows where these wires should be soldered...
I am sure that JP6 is the digital input that comes from the P-500 TEAC transport (it has spdif output via fiber optics)
In the morning I will upload some photos to put things more in context.