VU-meters + The Zen Sound

Nostalgia tripping
What would be the drawbacks sonically if I would install analogue (preferred) or LED VU-meters + circuit in my future Zen 4?
Not that I need the meters to monitor anything really, but VU-meters look nice at nights, don't they?
Analogue VU

Zen vision
Having finished my BoSoz and listening to it a couple of weeks now I've learned that this little Pass preamp is amazing. Warm and natural. I really like it.
So far I know how a Pass preamp performs. But how does a Pass power amp sound?
I've now started to build the Penultimate Zen hoping for the power amp equivalent. The power amp I use now is on the warm side also, with 'tube-like' and outstanding mid and treble.
Am I going in the right direction with this Zen?
Guess I already know the answer...

I had no chance to listen to Doxa. And, since different people
have different demands, I can not answer directly
whether your direction with the Zen is right or ...

My family music system is centered by Zen V2. We like it.
We sometimes listen to the music together and have a chat.

Me: ¡°The music is natural.¡±
Wife: ¡°Yes, I can have long listening.¡±
1st son: ¡°Mmm...I can hear each music instrument.¡±
2nd son: ... thinks how to make the system mine.

Why not just go ahead to enjoy DIY...?
Later, you can make choice of Doxa or Zen V4. :)