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Includes original VPI acrylic top plate and arm mounting plate in excellent condition. Sub plate is 3/16 aluminum, drilled for motor hole, bearing and arm mount. Base is composite design with ¾” solid oak surround and internal ¾” MDF sub base. Corners have triangle shelf with tapped inserts for adjustable leveling feet, for top plate, just as original design.
Currently isolation between base and top plate is via constrained layer made up of Cork, Balsa wood and Silicone pads. Base has adjustable leveling feet-steel tiptoes or steel threaded pads which I will include.

Isolated motor pod is firmly attached to MDF sub sheet and the weight of the turntable and platter mass couples motor, so in keeping with Harry’s vision of the classic series of tables, solidly couples motor to platter so there is no movement.
Motor pod has an internal steel block to sink motor noise and silicone material to dissipate motor vibration. Motor is isolated from table via MDF and tiptoes/steel pads and isopads.

Original motor was disassembled, lubed and reassembled. With the mass coupled motor pod it is dead silent. Supplied belt is silicone, but I recommend an upholstery thread belt (which is what I used), as the bass is better with it and does not stretch. Comes with original motor pulley.

This is a well thought out design, with many revisions over years of trial and error.

What’s not included is the 20lb ceramic coated Classic platter and bearing (a $1000 option I purchased directly from Harry), the VPI record clamp, tone arm, aluminum tone arm mount riser and cartridge.

If it wasn’t for the fact that I just had a clone of the Avenger base fabricated, I would keep this set up.

You will need platter and bearing. An upgrade HW-19MKIII aluminum platter (Scout) is available from VPI which will work with this motor/pulley/base and will sound excellent, better than the stock acrylic platter (I no longer have).

Size of base is 21.125” X 15.75” X 5”. Motor pod is 5” X 5” X 4” and extends 6” from side of base.

Asking $300.00. A new motor from VPI will cost you that much. A new motor from Hurst will cost you $90.00, which will need the end play adjusted. VPI uses an adjustable brass bearing/collar, which you will have to purchase. You will have to purchase a pulley. So this is a GREAT DEAL!

Also available is a DIY acrylic top cover. Has a few scratches and you can see seams where the acrylic pieces were glued together, but not bad for DIY. I will include this at full asking price if wanted.

If you don’t want the base, motor pod w/sub base, cover, feet, I’m willing to sell just the acrylic top plate-aluminum sub plate, acrylic arm mount, motor, pulley and motor mount plate, and you can DIY your own base. It will be way cheaper to ship. Asking $200, still a GREAT DEAL.


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BUMP with new pictures showing top, metal layer underside, switch on side, internal motor mount and inside.

Aluminum is 3/16" bolted to acrylic top. Second 1/8" steel disc attached to aluminum (ala VPI Classic series) to help sink bearing vib and kill any resonance.

Internal motor mount is thick particle board and is isolated from the base with 3 horizontal and 2 vertical cork pads. Bolts to oak frame. Could be cut down and used as SAMA. I have a trick I've used in the past and will share.

Multi layer constrained layer mounts in corners. I do have threaded inserts and T-Bolts if you want to go back to stock set-up (w/o springs) with Iso pads.

I would consider selling just the top, arm board, aluminum and steel top. Use to upgrade WH-19 MKI or MKII, or DIY your own setup.


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