VOxativ Driver


New Product from VK Music
Driver Voxativ AC-PiFe wooden cone
Design + Cabinet : Bogdan Audio Creations

-Full range free spirit design with no cross over in the way of sound
(VWT) Variable Wall Thickness Technology
1/2",3/4",1-1/2",MDF is use through the design
-Dual chamber ,interior is MDF,exterior is one inch solid English Walnut,overall enclosure thickness is 1-1/2" or 38 mm
-Full range driver is Voxativ hand made in Germany,cone material is wood
-model: full range
-power 50 watt
-dimension :24"x13"x15"
-weight 58lb
-efficiency 97
No veneer or wood stain had been added in the process, speaker is finished in walnut natural color, with multiple coats of clear lacquer
Speakers hand made in USA by BOGDAN AUDIO CREATION
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