Voxativ AC 1.6 drivers- enclosure opinions?

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So, I have a pair of Vocative 1.6 drivers here, in a set of little back loaded horns. First off, I'm going to say that these are easily the best FR drivers I've heard, let alone had in my own system. I can't believe I am enjoying a driver equipped with a whizzer cone…

I've heard Lowthers on a few occasions, and though they often sound quite interesting, they have some issues that prevented me from enjoying the listening… These are similar enough in appearance I suspected they would be similar in sound, but the Voxativs are amazingly free of the "shout" that seems to plague every full range system I've heard.

I was pondering building my own version of the big Ampeggio Due enclosure for a pair of these, but the Kirishima horns are a possibility as well. The specs on the driver suggest they are in the ballpark, anyways.

Any opinions on which to build? I'm not in a hurry, as the enclosures they are in currently are performing well, but I would like some more LF extension…
Corvus corax,

You might drop Scott Lindgren (aka Scottmoose) a note on his Woden Design e-mail address.

Scott designed the Kirishima (and quite a few other BLH). He should be able to advise. His website says he does bespoke designs also - might be worth exploring with the Voxativs.
Just looked up the specs.

AC - 1.6 - Voxativ Loudspeakers

With a Qts of 0.49 and Fs of 44Hz might be a candidate for a decent MLTL?

Voxativ's specs. aren't the most comprehensive, but yes, an MLTL or a decent reflex would be quite practical. They are also fine for back horns, with the caveat that it needs to be big. It's a myth that a low Q is necessary for back-horns: if a driver is suited to reflex loading, then it's suited to a back-horn.
+1 you can buy only the woofer....

You can buy all the parts separately, just have to find a local dealer, they're
listed on their site

I bought the Tang Band 1808 8 from parts express, if its amazing I'll
step up to the Vox.

Bought the quad of EA15 Neo from Grant fidelity, and they also offer
the Voxs, and the baffles as separates.

Asked about the X-over, Grant Fidelity gave me a price....
its high so I'm going to try a mini DSP first.

Going to fab up the baffles and stands of local materials.
Should come to about 1/2 the retail.
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