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I found this forum through a google search and thought I'd post...

I'm going to be building an AC-30 Top Boost clone with a few minor modifications over christmas, as far as I can see it is a fairly simple design, no probs besides the transformers being difficult to obtain. I've chosen to remove the trem/vibrato channel as it would not be of any use to me and it simplifies the design greatly. No build problems yet as I haven't got started yet (starting on friday, all things going well).

Look forward to some conversation on the subject.

Hi Mark
I think vox AC30 is a very good amp.I like it and I have heard the original Vox!
I will remove the trem/vibrato channel too.And I'm thinking to put
a master volume before the phase splitter so with that I will have a pure tube distortion.
I haven't yet started to build the circuit and right now I'm drilling the holes on the chassis.
I'm planning to use Svetlana tubes.Svetlana has a similar EL84,the SV83.I think it's better but it needs to do some changes to the circuit(at svetlana's site explains them exactly).
The only problem that I have,is which speaker to use.It isn't a big problem but I need an opinion.
Hi George,

Speakers, well, if you want to go for the classic 60's Vox tone then get a couple of celestion "blues", if you want the 70's rock get the celestion greenbacks or if you want another great sounding speaker try the celestion vintage 30 (that's what I'm sticking in my cabinet for now!). You can download some samples of these speakers from the celestion web site (www.celestion.com). Getting hold of them shouldn't be a problem as they are the dogs dangly bits when it comes to guitar speakers!

I'm trying to be quite faithful to the original so am not going to be changing the circuit too much, the idea of a master volume is a good one, though if you want tube distortion just crank it up loud and enjoy it - forget the neighbours!

Let me know how your build goes,
Hi Mark
I was in vacation!
Happy new year!
I'm starting again the amp and now I'm going to build the
transformers.I'm working to a small industry that builds power transformers.So I can make them over there and by myself I also can build the output transformers.If you want I can send you one for your Vox!
I have done the output stage to my amp and now I want to test it but I haven't yet build the OPT.This week I hope it'll be ready.
I have a problem with the speakers.I can't find the blue Celestions.Over here sells only the G series.So I think to use only one G12T-100.Have you heard this speaker?Or is better to order the blue ones?They also are too expensive but If they're the best choice I'll order them.
What's going on with your amp?Are everthing OK?
Best regards.
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