Volume control question for pre-amp, please help

I've got an old Solid State receiver. The 250k volume control pot on the pre-amp was starting to go, so I just replaced it with an Alps 50k blue velvet I had sitting around. The balance control pot, also 250k, is before and in series with the volume control pot. Also, with the 50k in place of the 250k volume pot, there is less noise.

I know that the balance control will cause a much larger attenuation when it is turned left/right, but is there any other issue with using a 50k pot in place of a 250k one? Also, the pre-amp had an original input impedance of 70k, what would it change to with the 50k pot in place?

At 50k, the source shouldn't be loaded much (its not like I'm using a 5k pot). Any help would be appreciated, thanks. :)