Volume control for 4 x JBL GTO 12v amps


2013-02-18 7:54 pm
I'm building a 12v sound system to be used outside this summer. The setup is a bass box with two decent 12" pioneer woofers and 2 home made top speakers powered by 4 x JBL GTO 2000 amps in bridged mode.

I want to put a main volume controller on this system and was hoping to get some input into the best way to do this. At the moment I'm thinking of getting a 50K dual gang potentiometer of decent quality, like Alps or similar, and just put it inline without anything extra, before the signal splits into 4 separate signals going into each amp.

It's not that important to get a perfect linear response from the volume control. Maintaining sound quality is much more important. Does the design of the volume control need to take into consideration that there are four amps feeding off the signal coming out of it?

There are some alternatives on the market like the Fostex PC1EX and PAC LC1, which are about 10-20 GBP, so I want to build something myself for the same amount of money but with better quality.

Many thanks