Voltage Regulator !

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Are the transformers identical? If so, you could wire the primaries in series and use the secondaries, one for each of a stereo amplifier. The load on each transformer has to be the same.
Or you could parallel the secondaries, using low value resistors in series to help share the load.
I agree with the previous caller, that's a LOT of heat to waste. However, I'd be leery of unwinding the secondaries. Sounds like a lot of work.
Brain fart..

This transformer is..

2 blue wires measure 35v AC
2 brown wires measure 35v Ac
one green one. I presume GND
a set of white and black ac in.

on the blue / brown set they both have one wire that has a shield plastic on it. I wonder if i just use one set of blue wires / brown and use that as the ac in on the boards i could split 35v in half and get 17V i could use that for my aleph mini's could i parallel the Secondary.. ?

Maybe i should post a picture of what I’m talking about ?
Instead of unwinding the whole secondary windings just break into each of the secondaries and create a 17 0, 0 17, 17 0, 0 17.
You can see where the tappings come out from the core.
The midpoint of the windings will be about diametrically opposite.
Unwrap the outer insulation to expose the secondaries. Scrape a little enamel from a two adjacent secondary wires and find which one connects to which ends.
CAREFULLY power up the transformer and measure the voltage at the two exposed patches on the windings. If these voltages are well away from the midpoints try to work out which direction to move around and try again ( with the power off). If you do go wrong here a little varnish & new insulation wrap will save the tranny.
Once you have found the winding midpoits cut the two windings at these points and unwind the extra turns to achieve your desired voltage. You will probably only have to remove a maximum of 2 or 3 turns. Solder in some new flexible wires to the 4 new ends to create a 4 secondary output from your tranny. Insulate it with black insulating tape using a 55% overlap on the turns, self amalgamating would be better but quite difficult to get off later.
You now have a choice; parallel two windings to double the amp capacity or create a close approach to dual mono.
good luck.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.