Voltage converter, 110V to 240V??

Hi Guys.

I recently picked up an Onkyo TX SV 535 AV Amp & an Onkyo DX C909 CD Player, both for $25.

They were brought to Australia from the U.S. and are built to run using 110V Mains.

Is there a device which I can buy which converts power 110V to 240V?

Would I need 2 devices or are there examples which can operate both the Amp & CD Player?


This is not a big problem. The issue arises fairly often.
Actually you really want a transformer that drops our 240V mains down to 110V to power them.
These should be freely available. Tried RS components? Castle Hill Syd' I think.
I just Googled: "buy step down transformer 240v to 110v Australia" that brought up several options....eBay was a possiblity.

You'll just need to chat to someone 'in the know' about appropriate plugs and sockets.

Answer: One will be fine if the current drawn by the two items combined is less than the total current rating of the step-down transformer 110v output...
I.e. if the units you bought require 300ma and 250ma you will need a unit that produces over 550ma safely.
Sales people will be able to assist. A couple of photos of the technical plates on the back of each unit will save time when considering purchase.
I don't see any great difficulties.

Cheers Jonathan
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2003-06-12 7:04 pm
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