Volt Woofer + Accuton Midrange + Ribbon or Beryllium

I am very new for DIY, and I want to have a good floorstanding loudspeaker for classic music (Piano, Violin, Cello Solo, and want to have a new speaker to listen great Symphonies)!!

Woofer (for <250Hz):
It sounds Volt B2500 (10") is better for my needs, but, I have had a pair of big RV3143 (12"), they need too big space (80L), is it possible to save space? Add more magnets? Are RV3143 good for classic music?
91dB, 8ohm

Midrange (for 250Hz - 2200Hz):
I am thinking about Accuton C173-6-090.
93dB, 6ohm

Chinese Aurum Cantus/Fountek Ribbon (100dB, 7ohm) or Scanspeaker R3004/66400 (91dB, 4ohm)

I am not sure if those drivers are fit. The ohms are all different, is this a problem, and how to solve it?

Thank you!!
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I too have been using 3143 for a while now but in a t/l which is even bigger (140L) and I cannot fault them at all.
PMC and Quested Audio use them in their bigger, pricier monitors (Quested HM412 uses four of them per side for $66 000 but they do come with a number of amps etc for rooms of up to 35 square meters or 375 sqft!) and they are quite popular for classical rec studios.

Is it just me and I missed something or does the waterfall plot for the Accuton Inductor linked to look somewhat less than ideal?
Thank you!

It sounds the Accuton is too expensive. Actually I didn't have a chance to hear them.

Days ago, I saw a pair of Scanspeaker, sounds great. OK, I will have a further look on Scanspeaker.

I will have lots of questions.

Sounds Volt RV3143 are good. Good to hear. I will learn and start to design enclosure and xover.

(sorry, don't know how to upload photos)