Voigt tapered pipe as subwoofer


2007-12-19 8:53 pm
After a mere 10 years another room of my old huge home is now ready to move in. For purpose of symmetry I need a rectangular pillar of about 2.5 meters height and I think that could be a Voigt pipe subwoofer. My plan is to have two 10 in drivers in push-pull.
However there may be severe problems with resonances and in general instability of a construction of such dimensions if it is made of MDF or of 14 layer birch plywood. Another option is concrete with steel inlay. Anyone out there an idea?

Dieter F.


2007-01-17 1:18 am
Personally I think that wood bracing is a good option. Easy to work with and high stiffness-weight ratio. Also remember that wood is a organic material which grows/shrinks with temperatur/humidity different from metal.

If I'd build a 2.5 meter basspipe I'd go with plywood with internal spruce bracings. Of course, in the end it is highly individual which materials one favors to work with. Whichever way you choose I wish you the best of luck :)