Voices you immediately recognize


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Each of these guys has come on TV behind my back unbeknownst to me, and I quickly said "Is that .... ??" and it was.

Henry Kissinger
Robert Reich
Tip O'Neill

BTW, Kissinger is still alive at 99. Reich is still a feisty little guy. I had Tip in "my" hall once and the rascally old drunk Irish story-teller was a joy to listen to. (I don't know how much of his act was a put-on.) Also hosted Reich and he's much better in person at length than the short(?) sound-bites on TV. No connection with any of these except being paid $9/hour to run microphone for Bob and Tip.
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Ella Fitzgerald
Etta James
Alison Moyet
Alison Krauss
Amy Winehouse
Annie Haslam
Aretha Franklin
Beth Hart
Stevie Nicks
Cyndi Lauper
Diana Krall
Diane Schuur
Dianne Reeves
Tracey Thorn
Tracy Nelson
Patricia Barber
Florence Welch
Bonnie Raitt
Carly Simon
Carole King
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