Vocals on 1 speaker ?


2009-06-24 9:36 pm
hey chaps
Ive a pair of B&W 603s3's ive tried 2 different amps so its not that
but 1 of the speakers vocals is lower than the other, which gives a bad imaging effect all music sounds mono'ish.
Question is, is it the driver or the crossover thats faulty ? im def no expert in this :confused: the driver in question has the rocket shaped phase thing in the middle and it has a split along it, could this be the fault i dont know as it only looks to be cosmetic to me ?

Many Thanks

The split phase plug may be larger than normal causing some contact between it and voice coil (former) that surounds it. (See exploded view for details.) This would produce the effect you describe. Also check and exercise the level adjusting pot if present for this driver. Over time, resistance at a specific setting may increase.


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