VM540ML or ML140/OCC

What would you buy a new Audio-Technica VM540ML for $279 or a used AUDIO TECHNICA VM AT-ML140/OCC ML for $256, in excellent, tested condition, from a vendor in Japan with 100% feedback? I think the ML140 with a much lower tracking force of 1.25gram, better channel separation and greater frequency response is enticing.
I couldn't find any info about the other one, besides that it may be having an elliptical stylus, but VM540ML definitely has a line-contact stylus and that makes a huge difference in surface noise and ability to play inner tracks without distortion. Much lower record wear compared to round and elliptical types, even with the greater tracking force since the contact area is so much greater in the groove of the disc. While I don't have a VM540ML, I do have a AT440MLb and there's no going back to other types of styluses.
While the VM540ML sounds great, there was one disappointment. The gold platted connectors on the wire leads were not round and the opening was so small that they could not be forced on the pins. I had to use a large sewing needle to reshape and enlarge the opening.