Visonik A300 any infos/specs?

No info or spec's here, but I would speculate it was made around 1980.

Visonik introduced the Alphasonik name for their amplifier line in '82 or so - and they were designed in USA, made in Korea.

Visonik continued to market their speakers as Visonik for a couple more years, and began phasing in new speaker offerings as Alphasonik around 1985 and phasing out the Visonik car audio products altogether. (At least in the US)

All of the Visonik labeled products I dealt with were very good indeed. They were on par with A/D/S (some better, IMHO), who had the reputation of making the best car speakers available.


2007-09-03 11:48 am
I have it in my hands now.
First I thought it is one of those IC-Amps, because it's such a lightweight...
But it is built with discrete parts.
The layout looks like one of those typical "mouthdrawn" ones from that era.

And you are probably right with your guessed production date.
When I took off the bottom plate there was a pencil writing on it saying 1/79.
So it was assembled probably in January 1979.

I will take some pictures tommorow or so and post them!