Visaton Vox 200 Light upgrade and redesign


2019-11-21 9:49 am
Hi guys,

I'm new here and am making my 3rd homemade speakers.
The others where exact builds with plans and parts that someone else calculated like the TriTrix MTM by parts-express. at my previous job we had a woodworking CNC that i could use for free, so made the cabinets myself.

Now i have something called a wife and she doesn't like big speakers. she doesn't really think size is teh problem, it's height.

In my livingroom we have windows almost all the way around that come down to a height of 72cm. She would let me have speakers that that aren't higher than that.

I was looking at quite affordable kits and found that the Visaton vox 200 light looks like a nice afforable setup.

i was looking more into it and thought i could give it more of an upgrade by changing the visaton w100S-8 into peerless NE123W-8
visaton W200S into Seas h1192-8

I would keep the 200/3000Hz crossover

I calculated their cabinet volumes and came up with 37L with a 92cm² 40cm long port for the w200s woofer and a 3.7L closed cabinet that houses the two w100s drivers and the g20SC tweeter.

when I use WinISD i see that the w200s with 37L box-volume is tuned at 40Hz if i want a 92cm² port that is 40cm long.

If i use the same parameters with a Seas H1198 i get a much better and nicer low end response click for image

I changed the w100s for the ne123w because they can handle a bit more power.

So, my actual questions

A) Can i just swap out the drivers and keep cabinet Volume
B) Can i instead of a tall thin speaker make a lower wider speaker but with the same port lenght and cm²


Since i got no response (also because the thread was in the wrong sub-forum) i started designing it.

i made a port for the two ne123W, WinISD made me do it ;)

plans 2