Visaton TL-Monitor 473 D, anyone got plans?


2002-02-06 9:16 pm
After 12 years I finished the woodwork of my Bruce V1.2 (from the old frugal-horns site) and I remembered I have on the shelf some Visaton speakers.

It is a set of the TL 16H HF horns and the DR45/MH300 MF horns.

Now when I bought these years ago I thought of making the TL 860 D monitors. But after building the Bruce I know my woodwork skills are not up to it to build the octogonal enclosure. And they are rather large for the apartment I live in. So I looked through the original TL book (dated 1987!) and saw the TL Monitor 473 D.

This is a rectangular boxed version with a single woofer using the DR45/MH300 and TL 16H.

But I cannot find any plans of it. Not on the Visaton site/forum and even google turns up nothing, not even a photo of those speakers. Does anyone has (a link to) the plans for these?

Alternative would be to make the 890 D into a rectangular box but I don't really want to spend time doing that.