Visaton-Monacor 2 way sealed simple loudspeaker build plans


2012-02-10 12:12 pm

Considering how troubled times that we live in are now, I figured someone might want to build a 2 way loudspeaker on a budget of reasonable sound quality that I have done once for a friend of mine. I haven't got access to any measurements right now but I am confident everything is okay with it. It is a sealed cabinet, so it is supposed to be stuffed with polyfiber wadding to a reasonable extent. It was voiced by measurements and listening.

As far as I can remember, general specs would be something like:

Sensitivity: 84dB/2,83V/1m
Impedance: nominally 4 ohm (lower mids); 6 ohm (mid to hf)
Range: 60Hz(-3dB) to 20kHz(0db)


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Hugely Satisfied

Hi all

After a delay, I was able to finish the speakers a few days ago. A rewarding experience for sure, I'm already considering which direction to head in for the next build.

Many mistakes were made, as will be evident in the pictures, with some overcome and others left as a compromise. I'm confident the next project will turn out to a much higher standard of finish with all I learned here.

The sound has surprised me. In the intended room with a small class D amplifier, they are a thrill.

To those who may view this thread in consideration of this build, I say proceed in confidence of high value in terms of sound quality. In all, these were approximately £150 in materials.

Thanks again Lojzek - this project was just what I needed, and at the right time. I'm glad I took the oft repeated advice to follow plans rather than jump straight in with my own design.



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2013-08-03 4:51 pm
Hello, today I ordered the speakers and filter components and will arrive next week.
Naked boxes are ready a few minutes ago.
This speakers will be my second attempt for a good sounding speakers and I hope will replace with success an Overnight Sensations (first ones).
Lojzek, do you "chanfren" interior edge of the baffle in the midd-bass speaker hole? For me it's too late to perform this operation, boxes are glued, but...
Thank you