Visaton kit-La Belle

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Just wanting to get some opinions on this kit. To me it looks very ideal provided my cabinetry skills are up to snuff. It should get plenty loud, but may require a lot of power. I own a lot of power however. I would love to see some off axis plots. They should be great. Visaton by reputation builds some of the best drivers around and the B200 is one I've always wanted to possess. This would be my first build, but my soldering skills are good.

Anyway, just looking for general thoughts(actually encouragement lol).

I should say that my 1st serious build, i.e. Costing more than £100 total, was a MJK based TQWT with a the drivers and crossover from the VIB130TL kit. I am very satisfied.

There was another thread recently about this exact kit.

The KE20SC is the high end ceramic equivalent to the G20SC i used. The ceramic domes were just too expensive for me. In Boxsim the 2 models are almost interchangable. Both should be very smooth, Fr graphs are close.

The wave guide is nice too.

The b200 is massively more efficient than the 2 8inch subs, 86dB? compared to 90+? The good part is that the b200 will be padded down and isnt likely to get stressed.

The TIW200XS are so inefficient but they are sexy things nonetheless
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What do you think is bad about it Mr. zen? I have a very high performance system now, and my second system is a set of Infinity speakers that are mighty impressive for any price and they are cheap. But I'm thinking about something similar to them just a bit more performance and output. On paper these look to fit my needs, but maybe they are overpriced for a kit? I want to avoid cheap East Asian labor though. I have nothing against East Asians, just the proposition of a few getting rich of the sweat of many. The things that happen there are depressing. I wish all could live a good life(crazy dream I know).

My main system is built by ADAM audio--blows my mind how great they are. I'm hoping for something similar in sound. The kit would actually be a lot cheaper and graphically looks to be similar.
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