Visaton frs8, frs8/m with cyburg ?

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Hi all,
very happy to find this forum, so a great forum for diy. Specially for cheap trick.

I read the forum from 3 days, and now I'm lost.

I would like to make a cyburg's needles with visaton, but I don't know what is the best between frs8 4ohm or 8ohm and between frs8 ans frs8/m.

I precise that they will run with a tripath 2024.

Someone can help me please ?
What do you have in your Needle, precisely ?

Best regards and long life to the best audio diy forum I ever seen !

(sorry for my bad english, I tried my best, I'm just a little french guy :D)
Hi Redge,

the FRS8M is no good choice for the needles. Xmax is much lower than FRS8..
( thats why SPL is much higher . I have the FRS8M in my car on the dashboard in 0,7l CB, with 12dB active highpass at 240Hz. Almost perfect)

4 or 8Ohms: I would prefer 8Ohms, then you have some options for future projects, e.g. Stella light.

BUT, honestly: the absolute "best buy" is Peerless FR35/8. Why:

40% more Sd, lower Fres, vented magnet, vented suspension, and, most important :eek:verall much better sound quality.
All this for just 1€ more than the FRS...:D


i made good experience with the FRS8M
in my Trombone horn,
best imp, bass down 35 Hz, for max.
SPL of~94 dB.
It is a bipol double horn you need two driver each Horn.


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Oh, thank you very much for all informations you gave me !
Very usefull !

For the pearless, I would like to try it, but there's nowhere to get in France (France sucks to get speakers sometimes...)

You tried it in the Needles ?

Best regard Uncle Meat ^^
Hi Redge,

I am building a FAST with FR35/8 ( and Tangband W5/876SA)....

I recently recommended them for somebody in the german HiFi Forum.. And, that guy really loved them - no wonder :) .

As proposed by Becky, contact spectrumaudio. ( largest selection of FR speakers worldwide :cool: ). I am sure, they will not try to make extra profit from shipping costs....
Hi Redge,

the FRS8M is no good choice for the needles. Xmax is much lower than FRS8..

Having owned both, I'd have to disagree there. Even the Visaton site gives maximum excursion to be +/- 2.5mm for both drivers.

Apart from that, I found the extra efficiency of the M version to be useful (used as a mid-tweeter from 300Hz).

I'd also strongly recommend the following modifications from stock...
- coat the cone. First, two coats of dilute PVA glue. Allow time to dry properly between each. Next, two layers of varnish. I used waterproof stuff that dried clear and solid.
- Remove the dustcap, install phase plug.

The first modification helped the most, but removing the dust cap helped the sound, too.

Hi Chris,

I think, the SPL difference ( if excursion would be the same...) cannot be explained by the stronger magnet.. When you compare it with e.g. 3"Fostex, it becomes obvious that there is something wrong in the Visaton papers ( as per lin. excursion ).....

Well, I already made some mods on my FRS8M car speakers. ( just for the looks :D ) Maybe try your coating as well...


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Thank you for those tips !

I think the peerless is a better choice, I didn't saw this option before he seems better than the visaton.

I will contact spectrumaudio and hoping that shipping cost not the price of the speakers :p

Tomorrow, I'll get the mdf for the cabine.
I'll make some picture when the cabin will be mounted and finished.

I didn't find a lot of things about the pearless/vifa, I mean peole who talk about heir experience with them, you have some links (in english if possible) ?

Good night guys.
Hi all, finally I chose to buy Visaton frs8 in 4 ohm. I found them in my city, so I didn't have to pay anything more. I build cabins for them.
First impression, omg, they sounds harsh, and there's no bass. Damn it, what is that ?
Ok, I lost 50 euros.

Then I decide to leave my house and I let them with music during 2 days 24/24 hours.

I came back in the house and ? wtf is happening ?

Sound is very good ! Bass are really here, high middle are ok, all is fine !

I'm impressed by these little drivers, really.

My first experience with full range and it really change my conception of the HIFI.

Now, let see with a bigger full range, maybe a Beyma 8ag/n, Visaton BG20 or a Monacor sp200x.

Thanx guys for your advice. Maybe later, I'll tweak the frs8.
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