Visaton FRS in a TABAQ-esque cabinet: filter?

Glossing over some full range designs, I'm trying to decide whether to build a Visaton FRS 8 version of the Cyburg Needle, or a TABAQ. Comparing designs, however, I saw that the FRS doesn't need a filter in the Cyburg design, yet the Tang Band drivers do - as they obviously do in the TABAQ design.

So my question is: can I build a TABAQ-like cabinet for the Visaton FRS 8 drivers, and if so, do I need a filter?

(BTW, the price and availability of the FRS 8's make me really want to do my first build with these drivers).

Thanks in advance for answering my admittely n00b question!


2013-11-06 2:48 pm
The original Needle was in the first instance evaluated with the FRS8 afaik.
You don't really need a filter for this cheap speaker, but i suggest you a simple impedance linerization.
In addition, the fullrange FRS8 is not capable to play very low without distortion,
use the leonard audio software for simulating the driver with the needle to see if you really like what you see.
The needle is a no-brainer and works very well at low volume in my opinion.
If you have not enough budget it's a good start building something on your own :)