Visaton B200 Vs. Wild Burro Betsy...


2007-01-24 2:28 pm
Hi guys,

You are right, Paul. Betsy came out really well. The Betsy is easy to work with, and is vastly less expensive. There was no fussing, it worked out of the box for me on the large Dark Star OB that is on your site. I was so happy.

And then I had to try the Visatons. It's much harder to work with! It demands patience and perfectionism. It's a sort of Mt. Everest thing. It is much more expensive, really high-end construction but I spent months on a quest trying to really tame it. Then you may end up with at least a notch filter, maybe digital EQ, phase plugs etc.

I will never forget that night when the Betsy's were installed. It was amazing. It was the first time I heard OB in my living room and it was beautiful. Maybe I should have stopped there. The B200 turned into a quest lasting many months and frankly, it exhausted me but others have enjoyed the challenge.

Bottom line (in my opinion):
Betsy: plug-n-play and within its design limits, it just works.
B200: more raw potential, it requires tremendous patience and extensive experimentation. It kinda drove me nuts.



Ex-Moderator R.I.P.
2005-11-24 1:47 am
speaking of off axis
at the moment I enjoy listening to a very simple floor based omni

I plan to try it with Betsy


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Ex-Moderator R.I.P.
2005-11-24 1:47 am
>>> speaking of off axis

........ or just make something unique?


if lucky :p

well, I did consider very carefully how to avoid compromises, and still kept simplest possible, and small

but it seems like the close coupling to the floor has some advantage

well, at least its cheap and easy to try it :)

very low ""show" factor
but maybe high WAF factor
might even be "multi place able"
Now I think about it again, maybe it could be mounted on a wall also
might be used in low power surround, etc

whatever, mine will be 2way, with 2" alu cone tweeter
but thats a different story


2012-12-02 8:27 am
I try ed the betsy and the visaton next each other and they both have there strong points
Betsy very clean and good highs
Visaton have a more warm sound

the best sound was to let them play together
so I'm going to build them together in one OB and see what happens