Virus Alert!

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I appear to have picked up a virus, folks. If anyone has received e-mail from me in the last day or so that has an attachment
I will send out e-mail without attachments to the people in my address book with the topic: OPEN THIS-DELETE PREVIOUS

same ... changed to linux

Hello Grey,

you have my deep sympathy, I experienced the same on Xmas.

Cleansed my NT web computer several times but every now and then the scanner found another virus. Finally decided to jump into the cold water and changed my web computer's operating system to Linux 7.3 with firewall and all possible protection mechanism unavailable in the Windows world.

The linux itself and the programs are not as fast as on the NT platform. particularly the browser. But I find that websites load 2-3 times as fast with same hardware in use. Curious, why? :confused:
I've spent the last few hours in hand-to-hand combat with this thing, but I think I've nailed it. To the best of my knowledge, my PC is now clean, but it is possible that contaminated e-mail could bounce around over the next few days.
Please be alert for e-mail that might come in with attachments. When in doubt, either delete it or leave it alone and inquire with the sender (especially me) as to whether they have actually sent you anything.
Apologies to anyone who may have picked up this bug from me...

Hey Grey, I got another email from you this morning (around noon your time). It wasn't contaminated this time, at least Norton doesn't think so, but I wonder if it was some kind of autoreply from the email I sent to thank you for warning us.
I didn't open the attachments but the body text looked like some sort of character outline for one of your stories - maybe grabbed randomly from your disk.
Just thought I'd pass this on for others to still be on guard.
I appear to be fighting a losing battle here. McAfee Ver. 4.5.whatever says I'm clear, but people are still reporting that they're getting contaminated e-mail from me.
Note that I've had at least one report that Norton Anti-Virus is NOT catching this thing.
I think at this time my best option is to totally clean out my computer and reinstall everything, as I can't seem to trust the virus software to do the job it claims to be able to do...
I'll probably be down for a few days at the minimum here at the house, but will check in from work in the evenings.
In the meantime, DO NOT trust any e-mail that appears to come from me.

Yeah, this virus is having lots of fun with my stories and notes. It knew exactly where to hit me.
Blow that file into the second Tuesday of next week. Trust nothing, and I mean NOTHING that comes from my Mindspring account until I say otherwise--probably late this week at the rate things are going. I sent the one legitimate message as described above. Any other message that comes from my Mindspring account is to be gripped with tongs whilst wearing a biohazard suit.
If I find that I need to e-mail someone, I will use my work account: That address is clean. If anyone needs to e-mail me, use that address, as I won't be looking at the Mindspring account for a bit. Don't send anything but text, as it's a mainframe, and mainframes don't grok JPG, GIF, etc. It'll just waste everybody's time.
You know what really gripes me? Some stunted excuse for a frog's rump thought this would be funny.
Dammit, those are my stories that thing's eating!
Serve the little jerk right if he's a science fiction reader and is deprived of a story because of this. Dog knows, there's a lot of man-hours of work going down the drain.
Folks were asking about the possibility of higher resolution PCB files in the Aleph 2 thread. I replied there and will reiterate here that I'll try to save that stuff (and SOZ/current source notes, and Mini-A notes, and...) if I can, but my stories are a higher priority. Sorry, guys, but I get paid for stories, nada for this, and I need that money desperately right now. If I can figure out some way to make a penny out of audio, maybe the priorities will shift, but that's the way things have to be. And besides, those stories are my children, if you know what I mean...can't let them get clobbered if I can help it.
I may break my own rule and 'bump' this thread up at intervals over the next week or so. It's imperative that anyone who might have received e-mail from me see this. I knew the thing was into my address book, but it's tunnelled into a crevice somewhere and gotten to return addresses of people who mailed me a year ago or more, even if I didn't e-mail them back, even if the e-mail was deleted. Why Bill Gates & Co. thought they needed to save that information, I'll never know. Now others may suffer needlessly.

nasty virus grey,

I might just be able to help you out ......... i've got quite a bit of experience programming under the windows kernel and playing with nasty pieces of work like that .... i used to be on the other side of the fence creating havoc and all that kinda stuff. Let me know if you could use the help and i'll email you @ your work account as per above.
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