Viper 2500.1

This amp had shorted outputs on 1 side of the amp..

I replaced the outputs and when trying to power the amp up it draws excessive current..

I flipped the audio driverboards around thinking 1 is defective but amp still draws excessive current..

If i put outputs in 1 side of the amp and power it up with both driverboards in place amp powers up and idles fine..

If i start putting outputs on the other side of the amp 1 by 1 it will draw excessive current doesnt matter which location i put them in..

does the board with the F16 and B52 IC's have anything to do with the drive signal??

Or do you have any ideas on what to check??
Heres a couple of pics of the board


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I dont get this amp All drivers test fine on both boards..

It doesnt matter what driverboard i put in which location..

If i put 1 output fet in at a time in theese locations the amp will draw current and blow the outputs..

Any ideas what to check ?

I know i have to clean the pads up yet for the outputs i checked for solder bridges found nothing ..