vinyl junkies needed to test my suede mat

Hi All,
I've recently developed a method for making a nice suede record mat. I can also do tanned leather, but thought suede would allow for less slippage.
I'm looking for 3-5 serious snobs to test this mat. Interested parties should have a totally tweaked reference system that would allow them to truely hear the diffence between my mat and a felt (or whatever mat you currently use) mat.
Anyone interested should email me direct at Please include info about your TT and system, as I'll need to be selective with this first run to get some serious reviews. All I ask is $15 to cover materials and shipping (U.S. only).
If reviews come back good, I'll be making more available, for a higher price to cover my time and make it worthwhile- perhaps $35-$40.
Pictures available on request.

Scott Farmer