vinyl guy needs advice on digital

Suggestion: Go for a music server. Rip your favorite vinyls to it, rip CD to it. Download your hi-res stuff to it. Terabyte drives now run about $65. Take an old PC, install Linux, MPD, Ecasound, all free software and enjoy.

Don't have a spare PC? I just replaced my PC server with an Orange Pi Plus $35. Feeds the same USB sound card, and is totaly silent.
Seeing you stated your a vinyl lover, get a cd player and ruin the 110db channel separation to mimic vinyls 30db at 1khz and 10-15db at lows and highs.

I did it simply by bleeding the left and right outputs of the cdp together with a resistor to give me 30db across the whole range and the vinyl lovers thought it was great. Added body to the mids and bass on those 60 70's cd's
Better if you can make a more complex network to mimic the vinyl separation curve. EG: below red and blue trace

Cheers George


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