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vintage tube I/V from the year 1960

Today it came to my posession a shure stereo conversion preamplifier model M65E.
2 x ECC83 TFK <> tubes, gain 63dB in microphone mode.
My first idea was to change the circuit to a gain of 2 for use as a playstation buffer.
Second idea was to use it as I/V with a 0,68ohm I/V resistor to amplify to 2V.

Do I need the input coupling caps ?
Can I replace the ECC83 with any of E88CC or CCa ?
If it is a 4 x os DAC, does it make sense to use a transformer after 0,68 ohm ?

Another thing that came to my mind, I read that opamp works best as buffer with no gain. What if the resistor of a standard op amp I/V is changed so that output will only be 2mV instead of 2V ?
Would that be more like a buffer operation ?