Vintage Speakers : The Look .....

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Hello Everyone.
Those large ( often a little too large ) vintage floor standing speakers really appeal to me....... Klipsch , Altec Lansing , Electro Voice ......


Stately EV Sentry IIIs


Altec Lansing 604s


Lovely things , but here in Australia , well , their`e not really attainable without selling one of your children.

So , I was wondering , here in the DIY AUDIO sphere , has anyone built speakers like this , diy , but using a budget approach , ( cheaper drivers and diy cabinets ) , that have not cost them a liver donation ?

And lastly , are those old cabinet plans such as the Petite Onken , or similar , really worth building and fitting with cheaper substitute drivers , or has the speaker world moved so far onward , that these old designs are truely obsolite now ?




Gentlemen , what are your thoughts ?
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Man, did you stumble into the right field. I mean, there's no getting around the speed of sound, unless you listen underwater..

Anyway, are you looking to build a good speaker of similar size and outside dimensions, or do you want to clone something in particular? Do you have limitations on construction complexity, would you build those horns or would you rather a direct radiating design?
Hi wesayso , I would have to agree with you there , he`s got the look !

Allen , yes , a good speaker of similar proportions to these shown would be nice.

I may not be right to " clone " the Klipschorn or similar classics using cheaper more easily obtained drivers as I think it may upset the people with the real thing.

I have spent the better part of 45 years in construction , and have the tools and know how to use them , so happily complex would not be an issue .
Angles are fine , and its all straight lines and gentle curves from what I can see.

Thank you both for the replies !

As for underwater ... well I could use marine ply and epoxy resin ....

WAF factor would suffer if I turned the living room into a fish tank ;)
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.