Vintage sand - did I score?

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Before I got around to opening up that Radio Shack receiver that I was going to repair I happened upon a Sony STR-V4 at a garage sale and picked it up for $30.

He had the thing hooked up to some rather awsome club speakers playing some Steele Dan. It has a little dirt in the volume pot but otherwise appears to be in great shape. It sounded so sweet I had to bring it home with me.

I hooked it up to my hodge-podge speakers and frankly they really perked up. I was surprised at the stereo image and the presence especially of the acoustic strings (standup bass, acustic guitar etc). I have not heard nice tight bass and open mids from these speakers before.

So I think I scored pretty well on this one. Any of you have experience with this unit?

I think I may gut the Radio Shack unit and use bits from it for a utility amp and the case for a Tube project. :)


It looks like this one (from ebay listing).


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A search example, searching for Philips audio

Just one will need Winrar it first of all.

Type Winrar in search area of this brazilian site:

This means, with wrong letters..the K is not correct, and words are connected together...not real portuguese word....means "download here".... all freeware, shareware and so on..... easy to use...type to search and click...type Winrar there if you need it.

the example of this place search...Philips audio search.

If i remember, they asked me my adress and some informs...and no to use.

This place is a little bit more complicated

And speed is slower than others:

This is the Schematic Terrorist, an Russian site, you can find everything in electronics there.... wonderfull site!...but...hard to understand the short cuts in Russian..... having time go clicking there, you will be surprised of how much informs they can give us free.

In this place, somethimes a program to view images will be it on Google and download it...the program is DJVU

Well, i tried to help, maybe you already know...and have others.... good places to free schematics...share with us!


This site is brazilian....what a shame!, but it is turning better day by day.

Was worst than that.... in a matter of years it will be very good.

Has some good schematics, and International amplifiers also, not only brazilian the end you will have nice shortcuts....good working links to some interesting places...Canada for example!


I had always some good feelings related Canada

Clean place, organized.... wonderfull place, despite the low temperatures in winter..... you have a subterranean life during winter...there are thousands of brazilians in your country.

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Not easy to find sites of gave me some...i have visit...but i stopped to make something....i am always changing from here to i am inside China sites.

World is wonderfull...people really different...problem is that nations exist...flags...and things like that...territory!..this is mine...this is yours....aaaaagh!... we need a Global administration fast! small brake in the thread...go ahead guys!


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