Vintage Philips Kino Speaker

Last year I purchased a pair of Philips 12" drivers from 1952 with phenol spiders. The model number stamped is "2278-00". I have not been able to find any information about this driver. Does anybody have information? Thanks a lot in advance!

They came from a cinema installation in Germany, where they had been mounted in 2x2meter open baffles. I have been using them for a year now in 1x1m baffles, however not quite large enough to support a sufficient low output, so soon I will make sealed cabinets of at least 150L with wide frontbaffles, also considering an aperiodic port. Suggestions are welcome! One of the units has been measured: Fs=50Hz Qms=14,55 Qts=0,27 Vas=155 Impedance=16ohm.

Impression of these drivers is a lovely present reproduction, fine resolution to around 4Khz, a gently roll-off.

Kind regards,

Thomas Groendahl


Musical interest: Jazz and classical.
System: EMT 930 turntable, 2A3 SE amp.


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