Vintage Mission Cyrus ONE (or TWO) vs. currently available Cyrus ONE - which provide better Audio ?

For most hifi dealers the answer is clear: new is better than old in general.
If perform listening tests there between both versions, I note in most cases, that the old version is in working but no refurbished condition (i. e. with the old elcap stuff); then of course the hifi dealer is right
I haven't heard the new version but from the old vintage version I know the sonic character good (due repair service) and sound is very good in all respects (after refurbishing of course) - at least for my ears.
According the images of PCB from new version (have a look to the attached photos) I can't believe, that using of such cheap capacitors in the power supply does provide such a good sound character as mentioned under

What experiences are to note in general while compare both versions in listening tests ?
Thank you very much for comments.

some additional URL's - vintage version:
- and new version


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I would like to inform you objectively but I have not listened to the last generation of this amp and like you, I know very well the different characters of the cyrus of this era for having had them all with and without PSX, moreover I still don't like the D-Class and when I see how the devices are built today, I wouldn't have been objective anyway.