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Vintage EMI 92390 13"x8" oval drivers


2015-06-15 12:44 am
FS: Vintage EMI 92390 13"x8" oval drivers

I'm cleaning out some of my projects that never got finished, so these are for sale.

They sound detailed and natural - tested in a box of some other old speakers that I had at hand. I have never got around to make real enclosures for them and open baffle waf is just... :(
They are 8 ohm version with ceramic magnets therefore could also be powered with solid-state or transistor amp, but I would still recommend single ended triode with an el-84 or similar.

I'm open for offers in €, USD, GBP, and also for exchanges if maybe you have something I might need:
- Philips TDA1541A DAC ICs
- Salas shunt pcb or kit for 5V, -15V


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